Friday, 20 April 2012

How will you celebrate World Fair Trade Day? (12 May)

Be part of something big on 12 May. It’s World Fair Trade Day, and people all over the globe will celebrate by having Fairtrade Breakfasts in their communities, homes, businesses, schools and places of worship – just about everywhere!

Last year, almost a quarter of a million people got involved. Let’s make it a wonderful day to raise awareness about making trade fair and the need to support farmers and workers in the developing world.

The Fairtrade Foundation's 16-page Campaigner Breakfast Guide is loaded with tips, ideas and recipes to get you started. Please download it here or order a copy here and get planning.

As part of World Fair Trade Day we want to draw attention to the pioneering work being done by Fair Trade Organisations (FTOs)- businesses set up with the aim of making trade fairer, who put farmers and workers at the centre of everything they do. Please be sure to use their products as part of your breakfasts wherever you can. To learn about the difference FTOs make have a look at the ‘Doing Business Differently’ guide here.

Ever thought of celebrating World Fair Trade Day at work? Are you not sure how to get the workplace involved? Download the Employee Breakfast Guide here to show you how to get started with ideas, tips and recipes.

Breakfast recipe cards

The Fairtrade Foundation have pulled together some delicious breakfast recipe ideas featuring ingredients from Fair Trade Organisations. Print them off and slide them into your recipe book at home.

Download the full set of recipes here

Individual Recipe Cards:
Baklava Muffins
Banana Pancakes
Homemade Peanut Butter
Tropical Compote
Zayt Wa Za'a

Get organised and register your breakfast as a Fairtrade step here!

Whether it’s a breakfast in bed for your loved one, inviting friends around for a shared breakfast banquet or getting your office to have a bright Fairtrade breakfast start to their day – let us know what you’re doing and register it on the step-o-meter.

Become a human tea bag and take the breakfast plunge!

Fancy making a bit of a spectacle of yourself? Take the breakfast plunge!

Dress up like a human tea bag and make the world’s biggest cup of Fairtrade tea by jumping into a local harbour, river or lido. This idea came from the Fairtrade Hartlepool Town group who jumped into their local harbour in 2010 and created a huge splash with the local media.

Sounds a bit crazy? That’s the point. Sometimes we have to do outlandish things to get people to stop and pay attention to our important message. We think the media would want to send a photographer to your event, so contact the Campaigns Team ( and the Fairtrade Foundation send you a copy of a press release that you can use to help raise awareness about the event.

Click here for step by step instructions on how to make your Human Tea Bag outfit. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Scottish Fair Trade Forum Newsletter


This year’s World Fair Trade Day is Saturday 12 May. Scotland is on the
verge of becoming a Fair Trade Nation, and we want to know what this
means to you. We want people all over Scotland to take a photo on 12
May as part of a national snapshot - we want people to 'Picture a Fair
Trade Scotland'.

-A national record-

As well as an important and thought-provoking national record, we will
also be awarding prizes for the most creative, interesting or fun

The competition is open to everyone from those just learning to use a
camera to seasoned photographers. There are three categories you can
enter: Under 12’s,  12 – 18 year olds, and General Category.

-World Fair Trade Day-

To enter, all you have to do is take a snapshot of what a Fair Trade
Scotland looks like on World Fair Trade Day. This can be of anything;
friends enjoying a cup of Fairtrade coffee, your local Fair Trade
groups or schools doing something for World Fair Trade Day, anything
you like. You can use any camera you have, be it a mobile phone with
Instagram or professional equipment. Get creative! The best ones will
be featured on our website and Facebook

Fair Trade prizes will be given to the winners of the Under 12’s, 12-18
year olds and the General categories. Your photos will also be put on
our website and Facebook pages. To be in with a chance of winning all
you have to do is email your picture to: by 18 May
2012. Be sure to include the category you are entering, your name and
where you are from. Winners will be announced at the end of May.

Get snapping and help 'Picture a Fair Trade Scotland'.


Scotland’s contribution to this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight produced
some outstanding efforts from across the nation. The campaign kicked
off on the 27 February with a Launch event at the Scottish Trades Union
Centre in Glasgow. Mike Kirby, President of the STUC welcomed us to the
event and Jennifer Wettaka of the Gumutindo Coffee Co-operative in
Uganda  spoke about  the importance of Fair Trade to her community and
how the partnership with Equal Exchange had improved the prospects and
quality of life in her region.  The Forum also unveiled its 2012
campaign for Fair Trade Nation status: “Scotland’s Going Fair Trade.
Are you?” If you want to distribute pledge cards for the campaign,
please get in touch. The Launch Event was followed by a busy and
successful Comedy Night at the Stand Comedy Club hosted by Susan
Morrison with performances from Eleanor Morton, Philip Differ and Bruce

The University of Edinburgh hosted a keynote event for the Fortnight at
which Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs, Fiona Hyslop
MSP, announced Scottish Government funding of over £309,000 over the
next two financial years for the Forum.

During the Fortnight, Scotland was visited by Fairtrade produers and
farmers from Ghana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Nicaragua, Palestine and

Further details of events in Scotland during Fairtrade Fortnight are
available on our website:

Rice farmers from Malawi

This month the Forum is welcoming two visitors from Malawi who will be
attending events across Scotland in colloboration with Just Trading
Scotland. Howard Chikoma Msukwa and Henry Rosturd Kalomba of the
National Smallholder Farmers’ Association of Malawi will be speaking to
communities in Scotland about the impact Fair Trade has on their
regions and their communities.

Henry Rosturd Kalomba of NASFAM has been working as a regional manager
professional since 2005 and has had significant involvement in the
association’s formation. Having extensive experience of implementation
at the regional level, Henry offers first-hand experience of the
changes possible with Fair Trade.

Howard Chikoma Msukwa currently working as a rice producer, Howard
joined NASFAM in 2001: a move which had a massive impact upon his life.
With the secured living wage guaranteed through Fair Trade he has been
able to secure a home for his family and send his children to school.

Fairtrade Towns

The visit coincides with a number of Fairtrade Town meetings being held
this month. Fairtrade Towns Development Officer, Helen Rothwell, will
be explaining the process involved in becoming a Fairtrade Town and
assisting in the forming of steering groups to lead the process. Those
attending town meetings being held in Westhill, Dunblane, Portlethen
and Bearsden will also have the chance to hear from, and pose questions
to, the two NASFAM members.

With Scotland’s bid to become a Fair Trade Nation in 2012 close to
realisation it is fantastic to hear from those benefiting from the
support and commitment of Scottish communities.


Dumfries, Musselburgh and Selkirk have all recently been awarded
Fairtrade Town status. It's also well done to staff and students at
Glasgow Caledonian University on being awarded Fairtrade University

If you would like copies of our "Scotland's Going Fair Trade. Are
You?" postcards to circulate, please contact us at


The Forum is pleased to welcome Helen Rothwell to the team as Fairtrade
Towns Development Officer. Helen joins us from World Vision.
Copyright (C) 2012 Scottish Fair Trade Forum All rights reserved.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Fairtrade Spring Fair

Prestonpans Primary School will be holding their Spring Fair on Saturday 28 April from 10 am until 12 noon

There will be a Tombola, Coconut Shy, Home Baking, Plants, Raffles, Face Painting, Tea/Coffee, Children’s Crafts, Beat the Goalie, Games and children's activities.  There will also be a raffle with some fabulous prizes including a Fair Trade hamper, reflecting their ongoing commitment to Fairtrade and their quest to attain Fairtrade School status. 

We were happy to contribute a box of Traidcraft chocolates produced by ASOCACE, a sugar cane cooperative in Paraguay . Each box contains:

  • 3 x Milk Chocolate Sticky Toffee Domes
  • 2 x Dark Chocolate Orange Liqueur Leaves
  • 2 x Milk Chocolate Praline Roses
  • 2 x Milk Chocolate Coffee Hearts
  • 3 x White Chocolate and Strawberry Domes
Thanks to the Fairtrade premium, ASOCACE farmers have been able to diversify crops, repair roads and buy a tractor which can be rented to members at a very low rate. They have even launched a radio station, which is the only way to communicate with the whole community.

If you are organising an event in Prestonpans are would like to support Fairtrade, get in touch - we would love to help!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Fairtrade Garden Accessories

Fair Trade BBQ from Traidcraft (triple pack)When we heard that the Friends of Cuthill Park were holding a weeding and barbecue day  (14th April from 11a.m.) we knew just the product to show them.

These single-use barbecues are made by a group of around 2,000 Namibian charcoal producers who are part of a Forest Stewardship Council-controlled environmental project to restore weed-covered land back into productive farmland.

The producers cut back unwanted wood-and-thorn weeds to leave the land clear and, using portable iron kilns, convert the weeds into the high quality wood charcoal used in this product.

The producers have contracts, are provided with free kilns, access to healthcare and typically receive three times the minimum wage and, thanks to fair trade, the wider community will now be able to benefit too.

Shown below are some more fair trade garden equipment and accessories.  

The gardening gloves, made from fairtrade rubber and incredibly effective against brambles and thorns.  Click on the image to buy them from Traidcraft or pop into The Small World, 9A Orchard Crescent, Prestonpans.

Outdoor Gloves
Bird & Bramble Herb Pots (3)

Bird & Bramble Plant Pot Set (2)
Garden Storage Tins (2)
Garden Tools Set (3)
Garden Twine Pack
Garden Wall Planter
Hedgerow Garden Pouch & String Holder
Hedgerow Garden Apron
Hogla Picnic Basket
Jute Mulch Bag
Folding Gardening Hat
Fair Trade Coir Compost Block (650g)
African Bolga Basket
Ceramic Owl Wind Chime
Gourd Bird Nester
Striped Hammock
Bird & Bramble Planter

Fair Trade and the local elections

We wrote to all candidates in the Preston/Seton/Gosford ward to ascertain their level of support for social justice. 
This is what we asked them:

  1. Will you actively engage with your local Fair Trade group / support the formation of a local Fair Trade group?
  2. Will you encourage the procurement and provision of Fair Trade products, both within local businesses and the council?
  3. Will you seek opportunities to raise the awareness of Fair Trade in Scotland and do all you can to support the campaign to make Scotland a Fair Trade Nation?

    These are their responses (shown in the order we received them):

Thanks for the opportunity to inform your group of my views on social justice and in particular Fair Trade

1. I will be happy to actively engage with the local Fair Trade group.  As someone who has actively bought fair trade products for a number of years, I understand the principal behind fair trade.  I'd be keen to look at how East Lothian council can support areas who wish to become fair trade towns achieve this.

2. If Elected on the 3rd of May I will work with the local Fair Trade group in encouraging local businesses and the Council to increase the amount of Fair Trade products available in East Lothian.

3. I will help to raise awareness of Fair Trade at every opportunity I would be happy to help you promote World Fair Trade day on the 12th of May if you have anything planned. I will also be happy to campaign to make Scotland a Fair Trade Nation
Steven Brown
SNP candidate


Thanks for your letter, I am happy to confirm that the Labour Manifesto does include a specific pledge to support East Lothian gaining fairtrade status.  All Labour candidates support the fairtrade movement and will use every avenue to promote the fairtrade cause.  You may be aware that two of our candidates are actively involved in the promotion of fairtrade through the Co-op Party.

Hope this is of some help, but if you want more information please do not hesitate to contact me.
Willie Innes
Labour candidate 


1)  Yes

2)  Yes.

3)  I would support the raising of awareness of Fair Trade in Scotland and I would do all I could to support the campaign.  However, this would be done by campaigning to end Scotland's membership of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which is one of the chief causes of poverty and unfair terms of trade for third world farmers.  The EU - through CAP payments
- encourages subsidised over-production by inefficient and wasteful farmers in the rest of Europe.  Collosal surplus stockpiles are built up - and then dumped on world markets at rock bottom prices.  The unfortunate - and throughly predictable - result is that farmers in the third world are then no longer able to obtain a fair price for their crops.  Whilst Scotland continues to be a member of the EU and the Common Agricultural Policy, the gross unfairness in trade for third world farmers will continue.

Outside of the EU and the CAP, Scotland will be able to trade directly, freely and fairly with all countries throughout the world.

I hope that this answers your queries.
Gordon Norrie
UKIP candidate 


1)  Yes

2)  Yes.

3) "You've won the battle.  Fairtrade is readily available locally.  No need to carry on campaigning.  The world has changed in the last 30 years." (Peter talked at length about Fair Trade.  The above is a prĂ©cis of the telephone discussion)
Peter Mackenzie
SNP candidate 


Thank you for your leter of 4 April .I can assure you that I am personally entirely supportive of the objectives of "Fair Trade"and if elected would be in favour of all initiatives to promote it.
Hugh W Reid 

Scottish Liberal Democrats Candidate


I was delighted to receive your recent letter questioning the PSG candidates commitment to social justice.

I am pleased to advise that I have been a supporter of Fair Trade for a long number of years and have watched the improvement in the quality of the produce over these years.   I well remember around 25/30 years ago and getting the coffee etc from the local minister and I cannot begin to describe how bad it was – and today I actively promote and recommend it to others along with the tea, chocolate etc.

You may already know that myself and another colleague (Jim Gillies) are both on the Co-operative Area Committee and, of course, the Co-op’s commitment is well documented.  In fact Jim and I worked recently at the Brunton Hall, Musselburgh on the day the town was awarded Fair Trade Town status.   Last year I travelled to the Fair Trade event in the Concert Hall, Glasgow along with pupils from Ross High School who entertained in the hall with their excellent music.

Given the opportunity, I’d like more emphasis on Fair Trade products/by-products:   I’d like East Lothian to use only Fair Trade paper, cook with FT produce for sale in our canteen, promote school sweatshirts/shirts and blouses which originate from Fair Trade workers.

I learned recently that the shop in Prestonpans approached my Church (Cockenzie Old Parish) with a view to perhaps selling FT goods at regular intervals after the Church service when we have a cup of tea in hall – I’m not sure what’s the state of play here but think the idea’s right and it’s a good way to encourage the youth at the Sunday school to be FT aware.

Please be assured of my best at all times.
Margaret Libberton
Labour Candidate

We are grateful to the six candidates who took the time to respond. 

We tweeted the seventh, Lachlan Bruce (Conservative) and this was the response:

So, a pleasing level of pledged support, a wide range of knowledge and some interesting points raised.
Whatever the outcome at the polls next Thursday, rest assured that as long as 98% of the world's trade is unfair, we will still keep pushing the fair trade cause - and the winning candidates can expect an invitation to join the steering group (which is of course open to all).

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

We have a winner!

In our recent Real Easter Egg Competiton, entrants were asked to answer the following questions:
  1. When was Prestonpans first awarded Fairtrade Town status?
  2. Name three places in Prestonpans that sell Fairtrade goods?
  3. Who can join the steering group?
The answers were:
  1. 20 October 2011 (see here)
  2. You could have chosen from Lidl, Scotmid, The Small World, The Pitstop Cafe, Prestongrange Museum (see here)
  3. Anyone who shares its objectives, can join the Prestonpans Fairtrade Town Steering Group

 The winner, selected by a random number generator, was Karen M whose son received the egg on her behalf.  Doesn't he look pleased?!

 Something tells us that Karen might have to share that egg...

Thank you everyone who took the time to enter.  Remember, with Fairtrade, everyone is a winner.