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Application Feedback Report 2011

20 October 2011
Contact name: Jan Barker

Population concerned: 7,070

Goal 1: Local council passes a resolution supporting Fairtrade*.The resolution should include a commitment to serve Fairtrade* tea and coffee at its meetings and in its offices and canteens whenever hot drinks are served.

Date Achieved: 24 February 2009

Actions taken:
Prestonpans is located in East Lothian, a Fairtrade Zone. East Lothian Council have passed a comprehensive resolution detailing various ways they will support Fairtrade including:

  • Widely offer FAIRTRADE Marked food and drink options internally
  • Promote the FAIRTRADE Mark in refreshment areas and the Fairtrade Town initiative
  • Use influence to urge local retailers to provide Fairtrade options for residents.
  • Use influence to urge local businesses to offer Fairtrade options to their staff
  • Engage in a media campaign to publicise the Fairtrade Towns initiative
  • Allocate responsibility for progression of the Fairtrade Town initiative to a member or group of staff
  • Organise events and publicity during national Fairtrade Fortnight

Further details can be found at:

2005 - Report to Cabinet on 1st motion to support Fairtrade:
2009 - Report to full council on re-confirming support:
2009 - minutes showing the full council agreed to support Fairtrade:

Other achievements:
In February 2011 Small World fair trade shop in Prestonpans was awarded £150 by East Lothian Council to offer tasting sessions and promote Fair Trade.

Result: Goal achieved
Comments and further appropriate actions:
Congratulations on meeting this goal with the comprehensive commitments laid out in the documents provided. It is very encouraging to see that East Lothian Council has put its commitment to Fairtrade in to policy in this way.
We would be particularly interested to hear about the impact of this policy specifically within Prestonpans, and would ask that for your renewal in a year’s time, you could update us on how the policy has had a positive impact on Fairtrade in Prestonpans. How many Council run offices or other premises are there in the town, and have the council been able to use their influence with local businesses in Prestonpans, for example?
There are many ways local authorities can show their support, practically using Fairtrade products, supporting the Steering Group, and importantly, leveraging their influence and position throughout the community to raise awareness of Fairtrade, and Prestonpans’ Fairtrade Town status.
This guide to local authorities and Fairtrade illustrates some of the different ways they can get involved in the campaign, based on case studies and ideas from other Fairtrade Towns.
We look forward to seeing how the Council’s commitment to Fairtrade continues to grow the Prestonpans Fairtrade Town campaign in your first renewal in a year’s time.

Goal 2: A range of (at least two) Fairtrade products are readily available in the area’s shops and are served in local cafés/catering establishments - suggested targets are given in the Action Guide

Actions taken:
With a population of 7070 requires 3 retail outlets and 2 catering outlets selling two or more products with the FAIRTRADE Mark. With 5 retail and 2 catering outlets this goal is met.

Retail outlets (5):

Retail Outlet
Contact Details
No. of FT products
Type of FT goods provided
The Small World
Tue, Thu, Fri 10-12 & 2-4. Sat 10-12
Mrs Rosemary Renton
01875 813992
gifts, groceries, homewares
Scotmid, High Street
01875 815622
Coffee, Tea, Confectionery, Beers/Wines/Spirits, Bananas, Fruits & Juices, Sugar, Composite Products and Branded Products
Scotmid, Hawthorn Rd
01875 815278
Groceries: Coffee, chocolate, bananas
Scotmid, Redburn Rd
Groceries: Coffee, chocolate, bananas
Lidl, High Street
0870 444 1234
Groceries: Coffee, sugar, orange juice, chocolate, bananas

Catering outlets (2):

Catering Outlet
Contact Details
No. of FT products

Type of FT goods provided

Pitstop Café
Connie Quinn
01875 819635
Speciality Coffee
Prestongrange Museum
0131 653 2904
Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Sugar

Result: Goal achieved
Comments and further appropriate actions:

Congratulations on meeting the targets for this goal and please pass on our thanks to all the businesses whose support has helped to make Prestonpans a Fairtrade Town.
Despite the considerable progress already made it is important to encourage more local businesses to come on board and to develop the support of those already involved. Producing a Fairtrade directory is a good way to let residents know where they can find products with the FAIRTRADE Mark and are also a great way to raise awareness about Fairtrade. A local guide also often encourages other retailers and caterers in the area to start stocking Fairtrade and become a part of the Prestonpans Fairtrade Town campaign. You may like to download, personalise and use some of the template materials available at, including stickers and leaflets. If you would like to order materials for shops and cafes to display, you can also order resources online at or call on 0207 440 7676.
Moving forward, the Fairtrade Town renewal process will be changing, so we would like to encourage the steering group to think about how you would like to develop your actions around this goal for the first renewal. You could choose to focus on getting more outlets to sell Fairtrade, expanding the range of those already engaged, target a particular sector such as independent cafes, or focus on promoting the availability of Fairtrade products – or all of the above! Further details of the changes are included with this report, or available online.
Congratulations and we look forward to seeing the businesses listed expand their range and to seeing their example inspire and encourage other local shops, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants to become part of the Prestonpans Fairtrade Town campaign.

Goal 3: Fairtrade products are used by an appropriate number of local work places (offices, shops, B&Bs etc.) and community organisations (faith communities, schools, universities etc). For larger populations (over 100,000) a flagship employer is expected as well as the local authority listed under Goal 1.

Actions taken:

Workplaces (3):

Contact Details
Fairtrade status?
How supporting?
Erica Thomson
01875 810788
Hosting of a Fairtrade Honesty Box
Family Dental Care
01875 811136
Provision of Fairtrade refreshments
202 Hair Salon
01875 810 129
Provision of Fairtrade refreshments

Faith groups (2 out of 5):

Faith communities
Contact Details
Fairtrade status?
How supporting?
Prestongrange Parish Church
01875 610684
Provision of refreshments at all events and meetings; sale of products at regular stalls
St Gabriel’s
01875 810 052
Through sale of Fairtrade products at regular stalls

Educational establishments (2 out of 4):

Educational establishments
Contact Details
Fairtrade status?
How supporting?
Prestonpans Infant School
Kirsty Gardiner
01875 610684
Provision of Fairtrade Tuck Shop. Sale of Fairtrade goods at biannual fairs.
St Gabriel’s Primary
Sue Adams
01875 811 06
Sale of Fairtrade goods by Business Group.

Other community organisations (0):

None listed

Result: Goal achieved
Comments and further appropriate actions:
It is wonderful to see that Fairtrade is really becoming a part of Prestonpans through the active support shown by the groups, organizations and businesses listed under this goal. Well done and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the organizations listed for the support they have shown and for the part they have played in making Prestonpans a Fairtrade Town. We hope that their support develops and encourages others to become a part of the Prestonpans Fairtrade Town campaign.
It is clear that the local Fairtrade campaign is reaching schools, businesses and places of worship and through this is really becoming a part of the community. Clubs, societies, friends of groups, interest groups and local activist groups can be a great way to reach new people, and it would be great to see some community organisations listed as Fairtrade supporters to give an even wider base of support to the campaign. The Council or local Voluntary Services Council should have a list of local interest groups, and in reality personal connections and word of mouth can be the most effective way to reach new groups – though of course Fairtrade tea, coffee and refreshment samples do help too. Other groups have also been successful by encouraging individuals and community groups to make personal commitments to using and teaching about Fairtrade.
It’s great to see workplaces in Prestonpans making the switch to Fairtrade, however, we hope to continue to see this number grow. Downloading the colourful "Work Pledge" from the is one way they can proudly declare their support for Fairtrade and add their case-story to those of other workplaces who have made a commitment to Fairtrade. The Fairtrade at Work website also offers lots of other useful materials specifically designed for businesses. We are also pleased to see the future goals of the Steering goal include obtaining a flagship employer. We agree this is an effective way to increase awareness of the campaign and encourage other businesses to make the switch to Fairtrade. A significant local employer, or recognisable organisation associated with Prestonpans would be ideal. We look forward to hearing more about your progress in this area in your renewal in a year.

Goal 4: Attract media coverage and popular support for the campaign. For the press, the story can be revived as each goal is achieved, organising a big splash for the Fairtrade declaration ceremony, and developing a strategy to keep it in the news long after. This will also enable local businesses and organisations to benefit from their involvement.


  • 27/2/2010 -­ Big Brew tasting session
  • 8/5/2010 - African Kitchen Tasting Session -
  • 10/9/10 - In-Service Afternoon for Teachers
  • 11/9/10 - Relaunch of refurbished Fair Trade shop with representatives of local community, MP, MSP, headteacher, community councillors
  • 10/10/10 - Stall at Multicultural Festival
  • 30/10/10 - Volunteer recruitment day as part of Make a Difference campaign
  • 25/1/11 - 29/1/2011 In-store display of jam, muesli with free recipe booklets
  • 13/2/11 - Visit by St Gabriel's Primary School.
  • 15/2/11 - Visit by Prestonpans Infant School.
  • 4/3/11 - Talk at Humbie Primary School
  • 4/3/11 - Talk at Prestonpans Infant School Assembly
  • 5/3/11 - World Book Night event - book giveaway, author reading and Fairtrade wine.
  • 8/3/11 - Talk and slideshow by Ken Mkhangala, a macadamia nut producer.
  • 11/3/11 - Talk at East Linton Primary School
  • 12/3/11 - Fairtrade Fortnight Open Day, sampling event and promotion of Prestonpans Fairtrade Town bid, visit by MP
  • 8/3/11 - Activity -Launch of Honesty Box Scheme in Library
  • 14/4/11 - Local MP, Fiona O'Donnell works a shift in the shop to highlight the bid to secure Fairtrade Town Status -
  • 14/5/11 - Fairbreak wafers handed out for World Fair Trade Day
  • 28/5 - 4/6 - Exhibition as part of 3 Harbours Arts Festival
  • 4/6/11 - Stall at Craft Fayre
  • 5/6/11 - The Big Lunch


The Small World shop hosts regular blogs, tweets and newsletters relating to Fairtrade and Fairtrade Town campaign, and coverage has also been achieved in the following outlets across East Lothian:
  • East Lothian Courier (Appendix 10)
  • East Lothian News
Result: Goal achieved
Comments and further appropriate actions:
This goal is designed to ensure that the wider community understands Fairtrade and is encouraged to make a commitment to Fairtrade at an individual level through events and media coverage which both inform and entertain - congratulations.
Your use of social media is impressive and we encourage you to continue using these methods. You may find some useful ideas in this Guide to using social media in your Fairtrade campaign we have produced. Despite this, we urge you to continue exploiting traditional methods as widely as possible, with articles about Fairtrade and the local Fairtrade Town campaign in as many local newspapers, community newsletters and bulletins as possible. Whilst the Small World shop is clearly a hugely important part of Fairtrade in Prestonpans, have you considered any online presence for the Fairtrade Town campaign as a whole? It’s very easy and highly recommended to set up a free website using blog platforms such as Wordpress and Blogspot to give information about the Fairtrade Town campaign, and how new volunteers can get involved as the campaign goes forward.
We congratulate you on your outreach work to schools, faith groups and businesses – do keep up the good work and encourage them to support the Prestonpans Fairtrade Town campaign in their own ways. Perhaps the schools and churches could be encouraged to register and work towards Fairtrade School and church status in their own right? Building on this, we feel a focus on reaching the wider public of Prestonpans through events would also significantly contribute to awareness of the benefits of Fairtrade throughout the town. One idea could be a town wide celebration on achieving Fairtrade Town status, but there are many other ways to create entertaining and informative Fairtrade-themed events throughout the year, including getting involved in established community events to target those who may not normally attend a Fairtrade event.
We are very excited to have just launched themes and ideas for Fairtrade campaigning in Fairtrade Fortnight and throughout 2012, when we will be encouraging everyone to ‘take a step’ for Fairtrade. You can read more about this at and hope that many individuals and organisations will be taking steps in Prestonpans. There are various other guides and resources available to support your activities at
Please feel free to contact us if we can offer any further support and we wish you the best of luck in developing action around this goal and keeping the Fairtrade momentum going in Prestonpans.

Goal 5: A local Fairtrade steering group is convened to ensure continued commitment to its Fairtrade Town status. This should ideally include a council representative, campaigners, and people representing the area’s schools, churches and businesses. The group is responsible for an annual assessment to monitor whether the area is continuing to meet the five goals. The group organises special events for Fairtrade Fortnight in March each year.

Actions taken:

The Prestonpans Fairtrade Town Group first met on 19 April 2011 and now meets annually:

Jan Barker - Small World shop
Rosemary Renton - Prestongrange Church
Jacqui Leslie - East Lothian Council
Kevin Davanna - Prestonpans Community Council
Charlotte Hamilton - Prestonpans Infant School Parent Council
Sandra Marshall - Small World Shop

Future plans:
  • Encourage those already supporting Fairtrade to display poster/sticker
  • Encourage others to support Fairtrade
  • Identify flagship workplace
  • Hold open days and information evens in conjunction with Small World

Result: Goal achieved
Comments and further appropriate actions:
Well done for forming the Prestonpans Fairtrade Town Steering Group composed of a good range of people. Going forward, the requirement to maintain Fairtrade Town status and develop a sustainable Fairtrade community is for the Steering group to meet at a minimum of four times a year to plan activities and review progress. You may like to meet more often, or meet in between as sub groups to plan specific events though. You already have a good range of members representing key areas of the community, though we do encourage you to keep the group open to new members with an interest in Fairtrade. One area that you could seek representation from for example, could be other businesses in town, including retail, catering outlets or supportive workplaces.
We welcome your future plans, and wish you well with your strategic aims. For your first renewal we will request an update on progress and an action plan for future progress, so this is a very good start. It’s vitally important to keep these targets in mind to develop the campaign, in order for steering group members to stay motivated, and give you a reason to communicate your success to the town – including the media.
Finally we would like to thank all the Steering Group members for their dedication and energy. We do appreciate how much time and hard work is involved in developing a local Fairtrade campaign such as this and would like to congratulate all the members on their achievements and to thank them on behalf of the producer communities who benefit directly from increasing support for and sales of Fairtrade.

Final Comment:
Congratulations on all that has been achieved and for achieving Fairtrade Town status for Prestonpans. Doing so is a considerable achievement, so do take the time to celebrate and communicate your success as widely as possible! It’s important to remember that it is still early on the Fairtrade journey, and despite the relative success of mainstreaming Fairtrade products, thanks to the actions of local groups across the UK, much work remains to be done for the Fairtrade movement to achieve its aims. We wish you the best of luck in developing your campaign, and look forward to learning of all you have been up to in one year’s time, when your first renewal is due. The process for renewing Fairtrade Town status is currently undergoing some changes, so please check nearer the time for the latest advice on how to do this. We hope that some of the suggestions in this report will be useful, and please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any aspect of it.
Our thanks once again for all your hard work and our congratulations on all you have achieved. It is thanks to groups such as yours that Fairtrade is going from strength to strength and helping more communities in developing countries to earn enough for today and to invest in a better tomorrow.  

Name: Adam Gardner Rupert Jackson
Position: Campaigns Officer Fairtrade Towns Volunteer
(Fairtrade Towns)